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Frances Rae Key

"Creating stories, songs, and scripts that express the
power of love to uplift and transform all things"

About Frances

A writer from a very young age, Frances has penned countless

poems, stories, scripts, books, essays and songs, always seeking to

express the wonder of the Universe and the transformative

power of love, compassion and forgiveness.


Some of her projects include:

 Aussie Song

An award-winning musical, Aussie Song, performed in NYC in 2019

 The Team Books

A 4-book series of spiritual insights communicated

to Frances by her mother from The Other Side

Book One is now available in audio at

All 4 books are available in paperback and Kindle

The Train to Hoffehausen

 Available in paperback and hardback at

This is Frances' first novel! Based on concepts outlined in Book 4

of the Team Book series, this story of multiple possibilities explores

the lives of two women living in totally different periods of time,

yet sharing a common destiny. Their story will break your heart,

 but it will heal it, too . . .  not once, but twice. 


The Mountain of Peace

Hear a variety of songs and watch excerpts of her musical,

performed at The University of North Florida and by Duke Ellington

School of the Arts students in Washington, DC

Featuring original songs recorded by the chorus founded by Frances,






In the Company of Souls

 A collection of 87 validated spiritual experiences by Frances and 18 of her 

family members and close friends, which includes neurologist Dr. Jay Van Gerber's 

input and a foreword by the acclaimed singer/songwriter Lisa Simone

COMING IN 2023-24

(email Franceskey@gmail to receive updates)

The White Feather

 A book of Frances' poetry, from childhood through present day

 Refugee Heart

A memoir of Frances' experiences teaching in a refugee camp 

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