Frances Rae Key


"Creating stories, songs, and scripts that express the power of love to uplift and  transform all things. . ."



 A writer from a very young age, Frances has penned countless poems,

stories, scripts, books, essays and songs, always seeking to express the

wonder of the Universe, the power of Love, and compassion for all of creation.

Learn more about her award-winning musical performed in NYC in 2019:

Read excerpts or watch interviews about her 4-book series, 

"The Team: A Mother's Wisdom from the Other Side"

Watch excerpts of her musical, performed

at The University of North Florida: 

The Mountain of Peace

Listen to Frances' songs performed by her chorus,

The International Peace Performers:

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COMING IN 2021-2022!

Audio Book #1 

 The first in the 4-book series, 

The Team: A Mother's Wisdom from the Other Side, 

featuring the voices of performing artist Lisa Simone

(daughter of jazz legend Nina Simone),

 Australian singer/actor Laura McCulloch,

Frances Key and her sister, Kelly Key

(Kindle & print versions of the series 

continue to be available at:

  Frances' First Novel 

Based on concepts outlined in Book 4 of the Team Book series,

this story of multiple possibilities is complete and in preparation for publication. 

 The White Feather 

 A book of Frances' poetry, from childhood through present day

 Refugee Heart 

A memoir of Frances' experiences teaching in a refugee camp

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