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Mountains in Clouds


Deepest gratitude to all of my collaborators~ 

YOU are the wind beneath my wings!

We are all walking upon the shoulders of those who have gone before us, holding hands with those who walk beside us, and looking forward to those who are yet to come into our creative process. I have learned from, worked with, and relied upon many incredibly talented people in the world of music, art and theatre throughout all my creative endeavors. This page is a list that is ever-evolving and barely scratches the surface of those who have influenced, supported and inspired me.

CYRILLE VERDEAUX, a gifted pianist and composer, collaborated on the majority of the songs I wrote for my chorus,

The International Peace Performers, as well as provided music featured in my musical, "The Mountain of Peace." 

JAMIE DEFRATES, brilliant guitarist, composer, and singer, assisted me in the production and recording of numerous pieces of music in his Florida studio.

GINA MARTINELLI, a mutli-facted musician, artist, and actor, supported me and participated with my projects too many times to count. She was especially encouraging to me in the early days of my production experiences. 

DANI DONADI, a phenomenal composer for film, television, musicals, Disney theme parks, and more, arranged and recorded all the music for my musical "Aussie Song" as well as several other important pieces in my composition repertoire.

ABIGAIL LUMSDEN, a highly trained pianist, violinist, singer, and teacher, added her magical polish to the songs for my musical, Aussie Song, leading us to win the Best Music award for the NYC production in 2019.

JORDAN STAM is a gifted Australian actor and singer who played the lead of Teddy Trager (my mother) in my musical "Aussie Song".  Her incredible performance was pure magic and will never be forgotten!

LISA SIMONE daughter of legendary jazz singer Nina Simone, and a singer/Broadway actor in her own right, is an avid supporter of Frances' Team Book Series, and will be a leading voice on the audio book production in 2021.

LAURA MCCULLOCH is a multi-talented Australian actor, dancer, singer, and voice-over artist based in NYC. She was an important part of my "Aussie Song" production and is currently contributing her beautiful voice to narrating The Team Book Series

KURT HAWTHORNE, an extraordinary producer and composer, provided beautiful tracks and superior recording services to my chorus, "The International Peace Performers", as well as other vocal pieces. 

ELLIE HANDEL, a magical director, directed my musical, Aussie Song, leading it to be nominated for Best Show in the NYC Summerfest, 2019. She guided me through endless edits and inspired our enormous cast to give their hearts to the show! 

JERRY CHAPA, gifted actor, dancer, and magnificent singer, gave his heart to his lead part in my musical "Aussie Song" as  helped me immeasurably with several other projects.

JASMINE RHEY's angelic voice  graces many of the recordings made by The International Peace Performers

Her contributions to my music, which started when she was just 14, have been tremendous. 

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